NetFront 3.5

Multi-window web browser with JavaScript support and extra functions

NetFront browser widgets Rendering quality enhancement UX evolutions


  • NetFront browser widgets Rendering quality enhancement UX evolutions

NetFront for Pocket PC is a sophisticated Web browser based on the NetFront, which has been installed on many PDAs, mobile phones, and home information appliances. The latest version of NetFront supports Pocket PC2003/2003SE.

NetFront supports Flash(R) and JavaTM, and provides unique functions, such as the Multi-Window, for viewing Web contents. Thus it enables you to enjoy a PC-like Web browsing experience on the Pocket PC.

Some of NetFront features include:

  • Supports Pocket PC2003 and 2003SE
  • Supports Flash
  • Supports JavaTM - NetFront is compliant with J2METM CDC and handles "JV-Lite2 CE Edition," a Java running environment of ACCESS that supports CDC HI.
  • Rapid-RenderTM - Speeds up displaying the Web page by displaying the HTML text and the hyperlinks first, and then displaying images and tables.
  • Smart-Fit RenderingTM - for easy view, this function fits the Web page to the size of the PDA screen. This function also enables you to browse general Web pages without using the horizontal scroll bar.
  • Muli-Window Browsing

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NetFront 3.5

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